Born in 1982, Jorge “Vascano” Vasquez-Elescano became initiated in the arts as a generally self-taught artist. Jorge spent his childhood north of his birthplace of Lima, Peru, in the jungle-like atmosphere of Tarapoto. There, Jorge grew a fascination with the exotic forms and bold colors of the Amazon’s surroundings, which would eventually become an ongoing inspirational source in his art making. This early exposure to such a vivid environment sparked a constant curiosity for the beautiful inner qualities of the material world, which allows his work to explore deeper into the complexities of his interest of human nature.

Jorge continued to develop his skills in the arts and received formal training after he moved to the United States and enrolled at Northern Virginia Community College, where he got his Associate Degree in Fine Arts. Later on he went to Corcoran College of Art and Design, and then finished his undergraduate on 2015 at Maryland Institute College of Art with a focus in painting. After, he move to New York in pursue of his graduate education, where in 2017 received his Master’s degree in Fine Art at the New York Academy of Art. During his studies, Jorge’s works were displayed at exhibitions across educational institution’s campuses, participated in group shows, had his first solo show at the Peruvian consulate in Washington DC, was in international group shows, was awarded merit international residencies to Giverny, France and Carrara, Italy and was published in schools’ newspapers, literature journal, news articles and featured in selected web art portfolios.

Jorge currently resides in New York where he continues to build his professional portfolio.



Christina Lucia Giuffrida is an Australian artist, now based in New York. Personal mythologies and ritual, take centre stage in her sculptural practice, which investigates ritual objects and sacred spaces. This manifests in the way of multi-object installations and/or individual sculptures, that are motivated by the narratives that she sees as formula-ting as a result of our contemporary political and social landscape. This highly figurative work presents allegorical tales via a romantic, mystic symbolism. Each chosen material becomes an alchemic symbol of the synthesis between the natural world and humanity: ceramic, wood, metals and glass. These materials reference a rich history in idol worship and ritual practice: the materials themselves seem to be endowed with their own ancient, otherworldly potential.