Robin Antar

American Pop art sculptor Robin Antar has been called “Brooklyn’s answer to Andy Warhol.” She brings Pop art to stone, carving iconic American food and designer clothing with her distinct brand of hyperrealism.

Antar’s mission is to create a visual record of modern culture through commonplace objects. Meticulously carved in stone, a hamburger with fries, Oreo cookies and a giant hot dog on a bun with a bite taken out of it become lasting monuments to contemporary life. One of her most powerfully symbolic works commemorates the September 11 attack on New York’s Twin Towers: an 800-pound white marble sculpture of a crumpled bag with colorful M&M’s spilling out of the top.

Antar’s sculptures have been exhibited in galleries and museum across the U.S., including Sotheby’s, The National Arts Club, Nabisco Gallery, City Museum of St. Louis, Provincetown Art Museum and the MGM Grand and she has been an elected member of the prestigious Allied Artists of America. Her work is represented in galleries in Greece, New York City and Texas.

Robin Antar lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


"Honeycomb Calcite"

5" H × 13" W × 14" D